BMW 520d


BMW 520d - As they say, you get used to the good quickly. But do your best immediately.

The latest BMW 5 Series features a majestic design with a long bonnet, a slim silhouette and a large front grille, followed by laser headlights. The rear section is dominated by stylistically connected LED lights and striking openings for the tailpipes. In addition, elegant lacquer, 20-inch M discs, a pinch of polished aluminum and a man pulls the suit out of the wardrobe. Even though we're talking about a good piece of the car,  is athletic, visually light and is without a doubt the sportiest flagship among the big German three.

But the most important thing is inside. After the door closes the servomotors, you will find yourself in perfect luxury and comfort. Consistently selected materials, elegant colors, all perfectly assembled and pleasant to the touch. There is also a premium air inside! In addition to the scent of the skin, the air ionizer together with the built-in air fresheners with tasteful scents will ensure a good climate.

Both front and rear seats can be adjusted in many directions. Right after the first meters, sitting behind the wheel, one forgets the giant dimensions of this limousine. Even in this ship, one quickly becomes part of a sophisticated machine. A gently elevated seat with a good view and when it comes to luxury, comfort and everything that is supposed to pamper the passengers in the back, I can think of a single term "Business class". Massage seats, ambient backlight controls, a TV, a detachable tablet in the center backrest, electric blinds, access to on-board computer data and much more help shorten long-distance travel.

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