Mercedes Benz C


Mercedes Benz C class Combi

Sensibly clean as ever. Dynamic and progressive than never before.

Sporty elegance in style

The new Class C combos clearly indicate the desire to go before: the front radiates dynamism and modernity. The bumpers are redesigned, depending on the equipment they have glossy dirty chrome elements and new MULTIBEAM LED lights. The elegant roof layer is moderately considered and gives a sense of how much space and variability is hidden underneath it.

Comfort-enhanced comfort and exemplary safety

Driving at the time of the most intense traffic, long ride at night or driving on unknown routes. Your Mercedes-Benz Class C combines very well in stressful situations. Hiding behind a concept that is safe and exceptional at every Mercedes-Benz car ride.

Completely different class: loading space

Lots of objects found in the new C-Class combi are almost as comfortable as the passengers. This space offers a maximum volume of 490 liters, so that the rear bench can be even down to 1,510 liters. Comfortable element you do not want to give up.

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