Renault Trafic

Individuality is the most desired commodity in today’s automobile market.

It very comfortably transports 8 travellers.  Nicely contoured seats, each with their own armrest, and the front seats are equipped with an adjustable-height a headrest as well.  The Renault Traffic has an enormous luggage area separated-off with a horizontal divider.

This vehicle is not missing any options typically found on a personal automobile.  Passengers  among other things, will be provided with automatic air-conditioning (with enough force to cool the large interior of this vehicle.) The dark tinting on the side and back windows protects the cabin from overheating, as well as curious onlookers.

Opel Vivaro

The new generation Vivaro provides an optimized functionality for everyday needs, representative design, innovative engines and excellent efficiency.

The new Opel Vivaro combines functionality utility vehicles with the elegance of passenger cars Opel. The design is defined by its sturdiness, elegance exudes self-confidence.

Reliability, the new Opel Vivaro into the very DNA of the vehicle and its robustness manifests itself in a wide stable construction. Raised the profile of the cab High roof and the large glass area provide comfort on long distances and excellent outlook.

Ford Custom

The new Ford Custom was wisely designed for all individuals. The era of the “transportation box“and it is first and foremost a completely new generation of transporter with the options and feel of a personal automobile.

The Ford Custom presents a larger number of variables; the first is ease.  The ease with which the seats adjust and fold up.  In the system for moving and folding the seats are integrated mechanisms which serve to minimize the sharp movement which allows for fluid movement.  Variability was immediately awarded ten points, and thanks to this, once the seats are removed, you are left with a flat surface area without any seat mounts sticking up. 

This area makes the new Ford Custom pointedly and exact.  In the end there are even under seat air and heating vents for your feet.  Roof lighting is placed out of the way, and this protects against the normal small injuries.

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