Regularly scheduled transfer  from Kosice to Budapest (airport)

  • €30/person/one-way ticket,
  • €60/person/return ticket.

The company, in order to make the prices more attractive, reserves the right to offer reduced-price tickets

Additional charges:

  • Additional charge for a different end destination address:  (the scheduled end destination in Kosice is the McDonald’s parking lot at Protifašistických bojovníkov 6) city center of Kosice and the surrounding neighborhoods without fee, others for fee from €5-15, the end destination for transportation by 19seat bus is only the McDonald’s parking lot,
  • Additional charge for extra luggage: extra piece of luggage= €10/piece, oversized = €10/piece, bicycle = €25/piece, free one piece of hand baggage (max of 15x25x35 cm dimensions) and one piece of luggage up to 25 kg (max 30x60x80 cm dimensions), 
  • Additional charge for a pet depends on the weight of the pet: 1-10kg = €15, 10-20kg = €20, over 20kg = €30
  • Standing/waiting time is €10/hour,
  • Fee for change of the ordered transfer (date, time) more than 24 hours before the transfer is €5/person/direction; the change cannot be realized less than 24 hours before the transfer.    

Cancellation conditions:

  • Cancellation fee for cancellation of the transfer more than 24 hours before the transfer is €5/person/direction; less than 24 hours before the transfer is a transfer fully non-refundable, it is a 100% fee.

VIP card - Traveling with benefits

With VIP card you will save your time and worries when traveling and you will get many benefits. For the price of 300 euro VIP client gets 10 + 1 transfer on the route Kosice - Budapest airport.

VIP card benefits:

  • with VIP card you get 1 bonus transfer, which means you travel for about 27 euros
  • the transfer can be changed or canceled more than 24 hours before the transfer for free of charge (fee 5eur/oneway/person is eliminated for VIP clients)
  • with VIP card you do not pay for one of your pets (dog, cat, rabbit, ...)
  • with VIP card, you do not pay for one extra luggage (a suitcase up to a maximum of 25kg in addition to standard unpaid equipment -1x hand luggage and 1x luggage up to a maximum of 25kg)
  • VIP card is portable (your discount can be used by your family and friends)
  • VIP card is unlimited in time
  • order transfers simply by phone or e-mail (just call +421 915 115 555 or send  e-mail to info@cassoviaexpres.sk, specify passenger data, requested time and date of transfer, enter your VIP card number)
  • you will get a real golden VIP card with the number in envelope

Individual (private) shuttle

If the client wishes to travel alone, or as a group, not dependant on the regularly scheduled times, it is possible to reserve an individual transfer/private shuttle with the pick-up point and time according to the clients request. The price of the individual transfer/maximum 8 passengers/if the transporter has not agreed differently is:

  • Kosice - Budapest (airport) is €190 / microbus,
  • Kosice - Budapest (airport) is €150 / car,
  • Kosice - Krakow is €200 / microbus,
  • Kosice - Vienna is €320 / microbus,
  • Kosice - Vienna is €280 / car. 

The actual cost of any other destination is available upon request from the firm’s office. A price for a specific trip may be requested at info@cassoviaexpres.sk. Tickets purchased through a partner sales point may vary in price from those offered on the website of the transporter.  The price paid for transportation outside of the Slovak Republic is free from Slovak DPH (tax) according to Slovak law §46 of law no. 222/2004.

  • Fee for change of an individual transfer is €5/car/direction and the change can be made no later than 5 hours before making the transfer.
  • Cancellation fee for cancellation individual transfer more than 24 hours before the transfer is 10% of the total order of transfer; less than 24 hours before the transfer order is fully non-refundable, it is a 100% fee.

    Payment options

    Payment may be made using any of the following methods:

    • via cash payment at the firm‘s office (with a cash register receipt)
    • via payment/credit card at the firm‘s office (via payment terminal)
    • via invoice (only for private shuttle)
    • via credit card (via the on-line sales website: www.cassoviaexpres.sk) using the card payment system CardPay: MasterCard®, VISA®
    "Payment by credit card - CardPay" is a service that enables safe online payments to be made through a payment card. This service is provided by Tatra banka. Security is guaranteed by the 3-D Secure technology, which is supported by VISA and MasterCard. Secure 3-D technology guarantees merchant protection even when a non-3-D Secure card is used.

    The customer fills the order in the e-shop and, after selecting the card payment, it is redirected to the secure web site of Tatra banka. On this page, fill in the following information: your card number, card validity, CVV 2 / CVC 2 code, and in the case of 3-D Secure also  password. The customer is redirected back to the e-shop and the merchant receives immediate notification of the payment result.

    Our account number:

    Tatra banka a.s.
    IBAN / SWIFT: SK58 1100 0000 0029 2688 6190 / TATRSKBX

    Complete conditions of travel available only in Slovak