Departures and arrivals 

Departure from KosiceArrival in BudapestDeparture from BudapestArrival in Kosice
01:0004:0009:30 * 12:30
04:00 07:0013:30 *​16:30
15:00 18:0000:30  *03:30


The journey from/to Budapest takes max. 3 hours, including one rest stop for approx. 5-10 min.

The microbus will wait for passengers on departure from Kosice max. 10 min.

* The microbus will wait for passengers  in Budapest for a maximum of 30 minutes, only in the case that the passenger has alerted the dispatcher (0915 115 555) that they are going to be late.

- Your delay, if we know about it, will be handled in the following manner: If the client misses the reserved microbus, they are required to let the dispatcher know, and we will move your reservation, provided there is available seating, to the next departing microbus.

- The provider takes no responsibility for delays or for any client that misses their reserved microbus connection due to a delayed flight. By purchasing a ticket, the client accepts this policy. The minimum suggested time for arrival at the airport prior to a flight is 2hours. We suggest you allow for 1hour after your flight arrives before scheduling a microbus departure. Passengers take full responsibility in cases where they allow themselves a shorter than recommended time to board the microbus.

- The driver have the right to refuse boarding for any customers who have not purchased a valid ticket in advance.